From beginning to end, all of our drawings are done in-house utilizing the latest technologies in 3D, 2D and manufacturing.

CPD has the ability to design and build large and small parts, whether fiberglass or metal to fit your needs.

With the boating industry getting more and more digitalized, we are up to speed with the ever growing demands for 3D design work.


Our services include Carbon Steel Fabrication in both simple and ornate forms, Stainless Steel Fabrication ranging from sturdy steel supports to decorative motifs and Aluminum Fabrication in its most common and unusual forms. We understand how to use and manage all strengths and types of metals. We can perform the custom metal fab services you need for industrial, retail, construction and more.

The options are limitless, so bring your ideas to us…. and we’ll make it happen!!

Powder Coating and Canvas Tops

Powder coating is the best way to protect marine parts and boat fixtures from saltwater corrosion.  Using the powder coating paint process will protect your aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal boat parts with its superior durable finish.  Custom-designed marine canvas covers provide you with years of protection for your craft.  CPD specializes in custom design, fabrication and installation of all types of boat canvas covers, including mooring covers, bimini tops, T-tops, cockpit covers, helm covers, and fender covers.


Understanding the customers needs and using our extensive knowledge base of components, installations, and materials, we can guarantee the highest quality workmanship anywhere. Our experience staff will help you find the equipment you need and the best possible method of installation.

Careful attention to existing systems, layout of new equipment, and protecting the fit and finish of your vessel is our commitment.